Addicted to Books

Usually, my blog entries are reviews of the books that I read. I am currently between three novels – Prince Ombra, Russian Winter, and A Discovery of Witches. So far, I am hooked by all three and am reading a bit of each.

I read quite a bit, and what prompted this particular entry was the arrival of my newest order of books (actually, it’s one of three recent orders). I tore through the individual envelopes, breathed in the pages, and stacked the books neatly on my desk. This is when I discovered that I may (most likely … okay, definitely) have a problem — I AM ADDICTED TO BOOKS!

I have always loved books. I would buy or borrow any book I wanted, and was quite satisfied with that … until recently. Recently, I have begun to hoard books … so much so, that any title that is mentioned or recommended I immediately order online or buy from the nearest book shop! And if I can’t get a hold of the title immediately, then it’s added to my ever-growing list of ‘To Reads’ and is carried around until I see the title for purchase.

I suppose, the question I am asking myself is … what’s prompted this urge to horde?

One answer is definitely the fear that one day I will not be able to buy paper books. With the popularity of the variety of electronic readers, this thought has crossed my mind over and over again. Rationally, I realize that hard copy books will never disappear, but the fear is there, none-the-less.

The other answer is, and probably the most likely response, is that I really do have a problem … I am a book shopaholic. There I have said it out loud, which is apparently the first step in dealing with addiction. So, the next step is to … reduce my purchasing? Cut up the trusty credit cards? Block (somehow) the book sites – stores, blogs, reviews? Or do I go ‘cold turkey’ and just stop buying?

What do you think, dear reader? I have no idea what the solution is, but until I figure it out … I’ll read and lose myself in the books that are covering my shelves, bed, and tables.


2 thoughts on “Addicted to Books

  1. Oh my gosh, I don’t know what I would do. I think I would like 10 books a month and it’s still not enough. I know exactly how you feel when you get an order and tear off the white envelope 🙂 it is a joy incomparable to any other. Still I would much rather have books as my vice, oh and chocolate as well, rather than something else 🙂 Do you feel that way?

  2. Absolutely! Books, chocolate, and shoes – I have a small shoe addiction, as well. It’s better than other things we could be addicted. Also, books keep giving, and giving regardless of how many times you may read it – there’s always something new to discover. Can you say that about other addictions? 🙂


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