Review: Prince Ombra by Roderick Macleash

Summary (from Goodreads):

The World has found its new hero.

The problem? Bentley Ellicott is only a kid.

Bentley has secret powers. And he’s going to need them. Bentley is a hero – the thousand and first to be exact – in a long line of heroes that has stretched all the way back to antiquity. Heroes like Arthur and Hercules.

And now: Bentley.

That’s because there is an evil in the world that never dies. Its name is Prince Ombra. When Prince Ombra arises a hero is called upon to battle him. One day when Bentley is grown he will be that hero.

What Bentley doesn’t know is that his “one day” is today.


This is a beautifully written story, with richly developed characters, a plot that is engaging and difficult to let go, and a heart-warming, bitter-sweet relationship between Bentley and Slally, and also with the pure evil, Prince Ombra.

I cannot do justice in explaining the beauty and wonder that is held between the covers of this book, so you will have to read it and see for yourself.

I have been changed, and will remember the thousand and first time Prince Ombra battled the borrowed heart in the warrior of heaven.

I don’t say this often, but I will this time … READ THIS BOOK!


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