Review: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Summary (from Goodreads):

Sometimes scholars should be more careful: Youthful researcher Diana Bishop briefly consults a medieval alchemical manuscript; then, after jotting down a few notes, sends it back to its prison in the stacks. Unfortunately for Diana, her quick dabbling has unleashed a long suppressed curse—and now only she can break the spell. Carefully researched, this debut novel will appeal to fans of historical novel infused with strong paranormal elements.


This, too, was a book recommended by a student – the same student that recommended The Book of Lost Things, in fact. Because her first recommendation had turned out so well, I thought I’d give this one a try as well.

Not a good idea. I’m still on chapter twelve, after almost a month of reading! While the story begins quite well with descriptions of Oxford, and the famous Bodleian library, it goes downhill from there. The characters remind me of another glittery vampire story,  (to be fair, vampire Matthew Clairmont does not sparkle) and not in a good way. The writing is simplistic, drawn out, and quite painful, while the main character, Diana Bishop, is needy and clingy and annoying, and the story itself seems patched together. Overall, it has not kept my interest in the least.

I have not finished the book, yet, and am not sure if I ever will, although I do feel an obligation to finish – this was recommended by a student, after all. Having said that, no matter what happens with the remainder of book one, I will not be reading the remaining books in this trilogy.



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