Review: Endless Night by Agatha Christie

Summary (from Wikipedia):

Ambitious young Michael Rogers – the narrator of the story – falls in love with Fenella Guteman (Ellie) the first time he sets eyes on her in the mysterious yet scenic ‘Gipsy’s Acre’, complete with its sea-view and dark fir trees. Before long, he has both the land and the woman, but rumors are spreading of a curse hanging over the land. Not heeding the locals’ warnings, the couple take up residence at ‘Gipsy’s Acre’, leading to a devastating tragedy.


It has been quite a while since I’ve read an Agatha Christie novel, and especially one that did not have Hercule Poirot at the center of it. So, when I came across Endless Night at the book shop, I picked it up out of curiosity more than anything else. I have to admit, I was surprised, pleasantly so, by the intricacy of the plot, the careful orchestration of characters, and the completely unexpected twist at the end! (What else do you expect from the Grand Dame of mystery writing?!) I was completely taken into Michael Rogers’ world – his flitting from job to job, his ‘wanting’ of everything, to the marriage to Ellie Guteman, and to the slow building of suspense until the ‘Gipsy’s curse’ took over Michael and Ellie’s life at their dream house in ‘Gipsy’s Acre’. It was quite a ride, and like I said before, (and I shake my head as I write this because it is quite obvious now who ‘did it’ – hindsight is a wonderful thing) I had no idea how the story would end – I was suspecting everyone except who I should have been! I think it’s time for another Agatha Christie!



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