Review: Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie

Summary (from Goodreads):

A tyrannical old martinet, a mental sadist and the incarnation of evil. These were only three of the character descriptions leveled at Mrs. Boynton, the matriarch who kept her family totally dependent on her. But did she really deserve to die on the excursion to beautiful Petra? Hercule Poirot hears about the murder and feels compelled to investigate-despite the family’s request not to do so. Do they have something to hide and, if so, can they keep it hidden from this master sleuth?


This was one Hercule Poirot mystery that I did not fully enjoy. Again, as in the previous review about the Miss Marple mystery, I was disappointed that Mr. Poirot did not appear until the latter part of the story, and even then he was not his usual self – he appeared more arrogant than I remembered him (which served him well because it was confidence, not arrogance that he expressed), which was disappointing. Overall, this was a … disappointment.



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