Review: Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie

Summary (Goodreads):

Six people reunite to remember beautiful Rosemary Barton, who died nearly a year before. The loving sister, the long-suffering husband, the devoted secretary, the lovers, the betrayed wife – none of them can forget Rosemary.

But did one of them murder her?


“Rosemary is for remembrance.” Rosemary Barton dies almost one year earlier, but her death, ruled as a suicide, comes under question when her husband receives anonymous letters saying that she was in fact murdered. Thus begins the search for the murderer, who has to be one of the six people who dined with Rosemary.

The first half of the story is told from each character’s perspective, indicating that each has a motive to murder Rosemary. The second half of the novel deals with finding the killer.

The story in itself is quite interesting. The characters are quite well developed, and the suspense maintained to the end. Having said this, I guessed the murderer  quite early – it is obvious. However, the aspect I most enjoyed was learning HOW the murders were committed (yes, there’s another one!).

I pick up an Agatha Christie when I am experiencing a reading drought as the novels are easy to read and I finish them within a few hours – they are candy for the brain – which gets me back in the rhythm of reading again. So, in that sense, the novel served its purpose.

While I enjoyed the mystery and how the murder was committed,  I wish the murderer was not so easy to spot. This is not challenging reading, but enjoyable nonetheless.



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