What are you reading?

942247_476699872403694_482214594_nI love to read. And much like the picture, my house is full of books – books that have been read, and books that have not been. Because my attention can stray, I don’t read just one book at a time. I have, at least, three books going at the same time on a regular basis. Now, some might find this confusing, but this is the only way that I know how to read. The positive is that I get through quite a few books; the down side is that sometimes I confuse characters, conflicts, and even settings (especially during the school year).

Now that I am officially on Summer Vacation, I have my regular three books going. So far, I’ve managed to keep the stories straight (fingers crossed this continues to happen).

So, at the moment, I am reading these three novels:

Sea of PoppiesThe Eye of the WorldA Feast of Crows






My question to you is … How many books do you read at a time? What are you reading at the moment?


2 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. Me too, me too, I am reading ‘ The Kingdom Keepers’ book # 1( my daughter’s latest favorite) John Shors A Temple of a Thousand Faces and Fingersmith by Sarah Waters… I cannot imagine living my life without reading, or reading three books at a time 🙂

  2. Well… there are times I toggle between books… when I need a break from one or when one needs to be finished on time for book club. Having said that, I kinda like reading one at a time and then starting another. Would love to be able to read more than one at a time. Maybe give it a go the?!


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