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The Holidays with Agatha Christie!



It’s that time of the year again … streets decorated with lights, Christmas trees decked with all the trimmings, cold wintry days, and lots of reading! And what better way to spend the holidays than reading murder mysteries, especially by none other than the Grand Dame of crime writing, Agatha Christie!

I’ve binge read three of the titles in the image – The Sittaford Mystery, The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and Crooked House – and have just begun A Christmas Tragedy. Of the three read so far, I enjoyed Crooked House the most because it was unexpected and quite disturbing, emotionally and psychologically. I read Crooked House in preparation for the new adaptation of the story, which seems to have taken a few liberties with the original story, at least from what I could see from the trailer. However, it looks like a fun watch, none the less. The other two are enjoyable, and in true Christie fashion, it does keep one guessing until the end.

I’ll end here to get back to A Christmas Tragedy.

Happy Holidays to you all!